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Sincerely Yours Suites & Serviced Apartments

Kilimani, Nairobi

Located in the amazing city of Nairobi, Sincerely Yours is a place to unwind, relax and take it all in.


Cocoa Boutique Hotel

Nyali, Mombasa

Discover bold luxury, where historic details and surreal twists meet Kenyan warmth


Lake Baringo

Lake Baringo, Kenyan Rift Valley

Set in the beautiful Kenyan Rift Valley overlooking Lake Baringo, Sit back and relax at The Whistling Waters Hotel.

Coming Soon

A Warm Welcome...

from the CocoĆ” Collection Hotels Group. With an amazing and upcoming lineup of Hotels, we offer you the incredible but affordable locations. We currently have hotels in Kenya each in their own unique locations, we would love for you to stay with us and experience true African hospitality.

Our aim is to offer the highest standards of hospitality and premium service at all of our hotels and lodges located at the best places in Kenya.

The African continent is the home of many Theobroma cacao trees, or the cocoa tree, which allows for the production of cocoa and chocolates. And as we know, cocoa and chocolates often bring people together. Whether it is in times of celebration, or just small get-togethers, the cocoa bean has for many years brought comfort and unity, opportunity and growth, and abundance and peace for people. This is the root of The Cocoa Collection. We are a group of hotels that brings people together, offers them comfort, peace, and opportunities to make memories.

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New Offers from the Cocoa Collection Hotels

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We can't wait for you see our upcoming hotels

We have two new upcoming hotels, Whistling Waters in the Rift Valley and The Sincerely Yours Hotel in Nairobi

The Cocoa Cafe

The Cocoa Collection houses The Cocoa Cafe: a cosy, warm and quiet cafe located at the heart of Kilimani, at Alta Towers. The cafe caters to the needs of all food groups: vegetarians, vegans and those that love meat! We have a selection of different drinks, ranging from coffee to smoothies. And our dessert menu is the perfect fix to those with a sweet tooth!

Cafe Gallery